Knockerball Tournament for Mental Health Awareness.

We are excited to announce that the Ohio State Evans Scholar?s Second Annual Knockerball Tournament will be happening on Sunday April 22nd at the Lincoln Tower Fields. We are raising money for Mental Health America of Franklin County this year. Mental Health America is an organization that uses their influence to raise awareness of the issue of Mental Health in the Franklin County area, and offers assistance to those who are suffering from mental illnesses. We are hosting this tournament in the hopes to raise money for this great cause, and to work towards the goal of ending the stigma surrounding mental health.
Along with the tournament we will be doing several fundraisers, including a silent auction on the day of, a Blaze Pizza Fundraiser completed on March 30th, and a donut putting contest on the oval the week of the event.
In addition to teams formed by OSU students, we have four sponsored teams that's four players will be filled by OSU scholars. We would like to give a huge shout out to Purdue, Miami, Michigan, and Marquette scholars for helping raise mental health awareness and following in WGA's footsteps in their mental health awareness initiative.
We look forward to the event this weekend.