Fall Update

Class has only been in session for five weeks, but those five weeks have been jam-packed with a combination of hard work and tons of fun. From new Scholar activities to research projects, our Scholars have kept themselves busy engaging with each other and the university.

Our chapter was thrilled to welcome the new Scholars to Columbus. We are all excited to forge new friendships with the younger Scholars and watch as they grow together as a class. To provoke these new friendships, the new Scholars and Committee spent a day at a local high ropes course. It was here that they learned the importance of supporting each other through difficult and sometimes frightening challenges similar to challenges they will face throughout college. The new Scholars and Committee also challenged themselves in the Columbus "Chamber Escape Room." During this challenge, the new Scholars had to think and work together in order to solve a variety of puzzles and escape the room. Every Scholar thinks differently, but learning how to think together helped the Scholars understand each other better and figure out how to work together in the future. The new Scholar class is thriving and our chapter is very proud of what they have accomplished so far.

The campus community at OSU is very important to our chapter, so we take every opportunity we have to engage with other students outside of our Evans Scholars family. Our chapter has joined the Multicultural Greek Council at Ohio State. This community gives our chapter the opportunity be involved in events around campus while engaging with students of a variety backgrounds and cultures. We believe that being involved in MCGC gives us the chance to live out the Evans Scholars creed outside the walls of our house. Additionally, our Scholars love getting involved in intramural sports on campus. This fall, we have Scholars competing in variety of sports including softball, flag football and volleyball. We love to compete, and we look for any opportunity we have to play sports with and against each other. Finally, our chapter hosted a very successful blood drive early in the semester. We were able to reach our goal of 20 units of blood donated, which means up to 60 lives could be impacted through our chapter. We are passionate about our community and are eager to find new ways to get involved around campus.

All of these activities keep our Scholars busy, but first and foremost we know how to buckle down and hit the books. Not only do we have many Scholars accepting jobs, research positions and internships, we have several Scholars earning 4.0 GPAs. Our Scholars were so successful academically that this past year we were able to bring home the James E. Moore Trophy for being the chapter with the highest GPA, out of the 14 Evans Scholars chapters at various universities across the country. The semester is still young, and we plan on continuing our academic success and bringing back the trophy next year.

There is no experience comparable to being an Evans Scholar. From academics, to athletics, to our community, we are proud of who we are and we cannot wait for what is to come this semester. GO BUCKEYES!