New year, new executive board

Elections for our 2018 executive board were held Jan. 28. Our new e-board consists of Nathaniel Kuhn, Caleb Blanchong, Nick Jarrell, Connor Higgins, Devin Moriarity, JT Grugen and Mackenzie Elrod. Everyone has some fresh and new ideas that they'd like to bring to the table in the next year.

Our new president, Nathaniel Kuhn, has several improvements he would like to make. First, he would like to add more events to our Week of Service in the fall by introducing a penny war. Next, he'd like to emphasize academics by displaying our top Scholars in portraits in the foyer of the Scholarship House. Lastly, Kuhn hopes to improve our chapter living by creating more unity through retreats, senior send-off and philanthropy events.

Caleb Blanchong was elected to the position VP of New Scholars. Caleb eagerly awaits the New Scholar class roster and being able to meet them and their families for the first time. He will be putting on his biggest event of the year on April 8, New Scholar Day. This will be an exciting introduction for our new members to our Scholarship House, school and community. Aside from New Scholar Day, Caleb has begun to plan New Scholar and chapter social events for the coming school year. He has also started to assemble his New Scholar Committee who serve as essential components in the New Scholars' transitions into college.

Nick Jarrell is our new executive vice president. He has quickly jumped into his role by starting to work on our knockerball tournament and securing a location and date for the event. He's looking into several different fundraising opportunities and is working with our philanthropy chair on new ways to give back to our community. One project in the works is setting up a tutoring program with the elementary school across the street from our House. What better way for a Scholar to give back than to pass on the gift of knowledge?

Connor Higgins and Devin Moriarity are a team to be reckoned with. They will be serving as our administrative vice presidents. We have no doubt that any and all mishaps from broken toilet seats to a broken printer stand no match against our AVPs. They have looked at ways to improve our House job picking system so Scholars are able to find a House job they enjoy. They've also been quick to find new ways to improve our house Wi-Fi, which every Scholar is extremely grateful for.

JT Grugen will be serving his second year as VP of Finance. He has done a tremendous job being transparent with our spending and expenditures. Last year, JT was able to lower our House bill by $100. He's continued to find ways in which our chapter and Scholars can save money. Next on his agenda is forming a finance committee to aid in his efforts of becoming more financially responsible as a chapter. He is also working on a system in which Scholars can earn back fine money from house jobs and absences.

Last, but not least, our new VP of communications is Mackenzie Elrod. This will be her second year serving on e-board. She was previously the VP of New Scholars and is happy to be able to give back to her chapter for another year. While being a second opinion on our positions' ideas, Mackenzie also hopes to increase our social media and campus presences. She plans to post regularly on social media with Scholar spotlights, cool achievements, and chapter living.

Our new e-board is excited to see what this next year holds. Our chapter has been blessed with hard-working and dedicated leaders. They hope to carry on past E-board's legacies and continue to make Chick proud.