Internships, research and jobs ... oh my!

As we enter into the third month of the school year, Scholars have begun to book summer internships, jobs and research positions. Here's a list of the opportunities our Scholars have ahead of them in the coming months.

Sophomore Connor Higgins has accepted his internship at Danbert Construction. They do different construction projects, estimating and a little bit of design.

Junior Stephen Tonnis will be interning at Synchrony Financial as a credit analyst. He will be analyzing the risk behind credit cards (line amount, who to approve, fraud issues). He will most likely be in Stamford, Connecticut.

Sophomore Nikola Kurtbatfinski is continuing his research position. Their lab is going to be determining the abundance and diversity of bacteria in the gut of mice undergoing cancer therapy and the impact of their microbiome on their response to immunotherapy and chemoradiation.

Freshman Samantha Lannon will be shadowing and hopefully working for an Ohio State veternary school alum, Dr. Goodman at Everhart Veterinary Hospital. She met him at her club's member-member dinner where she read her application essay for the scholarship. When he heard about Samantha's interest in being a vet, he immediately took her under his wing. She's been able to shadow him multiple times and Dr. Goodman has offered Samantha a job over the summer.

Senior Holden Kelley will be moving to San Antonia to continue his tuberculosis diagnostic research.

Sophomore Brett Wedding will be heading to Sydney, Australia, this summer to intern with SJB, an architecture firm.

Senior Anthony Bauer will be working at Northrup Grumman in Northern Virginia. He will be in their Mission Systems department working with their technology team. He hopes to specialize in either data analytics or artificial intelligence.

This is just a few of the opportunities that have already fallen into place. We are confident that even more internships, research positions, and jobs will be nailed down in the weeks to come.