Carving out the Creed

The first OSU Evans Scholars Group Living for Caddies event was held on Thursday, Oct. 4. There are seven "GL4C" events per school year, four in the fall and three in the spring. Each is hosted by an executive board member to help promote group living and unity.

President Nathaniel Kuhn put together the first event, "Carving out the Creed." Scholars were broken up into 15 groups and each was giving a small portion of the creed. The objective was to take the section of the creed and carve or paint what it meant to you and your group. Not only did it give us the chance to explore our creed and help us understand it more deeply, but it allowed for Scholars to show their creative sides.

Upcoming GL4C will be ran by Devin Moriarity with "Helping Hands," in mid-October, Caleb Blanchong with "Breaking down Barriers" in November and finishing out the semester will be Mackenzie Elrod with "Stress Relief 101" just in time for finals.