Chapter Highlights

Knockerball Tournament for Mental Health Awareness.

The OSU Evans Scholars chapter will be putting on their second annual Knockerball tournament on Sunday, February 22nd. The proceeds from the event will be donated to Mental Health America of Franklin County. OSU Evans wants to help to #EndtheStigma and provide more mental health awareness to campus and our surrounding communities.

Date: 4/22/2018

Internships, research and jobs ... oh my!

Scholars commit to summers full of internships, research and work

Date: 3/4/2018

New year, new executive board

Newly elected executive board has a lot planned for the upcoming year

Date: 2/11/2018

Semester Highlights

A quick look at the start of our semester

Date: 10/18/2017

Spring Highlight

A highlight of our spring semester

Date: 4/22/2017

Scholar Involvement

Highlighting the Evans Scholars' involvement at OSU

Date: 3/5/2017

Meet the Executive Board

A quick look at our chapter leadership

Date: 2/12/2017

Autumn Scholars of the Semester

Highlighting some of the Scholars who make our chapter so great

Date: 12/28/2016

Fall Update

Find out what has been going on in and around the Evans Scholars chapter at Ohio State

Date: 9/23/2016